4.9 out of 5 stars - Amazon

9.1/10 stars - IMDb

"A remarkable film of the human spirit, that shows what happens when a group of people (in costumes) come together in the name of Justice and not only fight against the evils of society, but they stand for something that helps move humanity forward and they teach us what a 'Hero really is.  I was truly blown away from this film."

"OMG! Where to begin!! I was entertained, enlightened, inspired. I cried from laughing and my heart cried from aching. I loved everything from the splatter graphics to the choice of music. The production is absolutely phenomenal. Real people, real situations. Some make you scratch your head, some deserve a key to the city. This docu-drama-comedy (because it's all that and a bag of chips) is worth the time you'd normally spend watching some cheesy, scripted made-for-TV waste of film. If I had more than two thumbs I'd turn them all up."

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Professional bodybuilder Denise Masino has spent her life striving for the physical perfection of a superhero. When she discovers there are people calling themselves real-life superheroes (dressing in costume and fighting crime!) she embarks on a journey across the U.S. to get to the bottom of this incredible story. Skeptical about the mission and sometimes the sanity of the colorful characters she meets, she is also charmed by their heart and personality. When faced with a devastating personal crisis, she responds to adversity in her own life by releasing her own inner hero and in a series of life changing events, discovers her true mission in life.

Copyright 2016.  Super new documentary of one woman's journey into the unknown world of real-life-superheroes.  All rights reserved